Eléments de sociologie pratchettienne (3)

Où l'on découvre les prémisses d'une théorie des différents capitaux, ainsi que des éléments pour penser la légitimité...

When he was a little boy, Sam Vimes had thought that the very rich ate off gold plates and lived in marble houses.

He'd learned something new : the very rich very could afford to be poor. Sybil Ramkin lived in the kind of poverty that was only available to the very rich, a poverty approached from the other side. Women who were merely well-saved up and bought dresses made of silk edged with lace and pearls, but lady Ramkin was so rich she could afford to stomp around the place in rubber boots and a tweed skirt that had belonged to her mother. She was so rich she could afford to live on biscuit and cheese sandwiches. She was so rich she lived in three rooms in a thirty-four-roomed mansion ; the rest of them were full of very expensive and very old furniture, covered in dust sheets.

Terry Pratchett, Men at Arms, p. 34
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